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How much will it cost me? What is a Service Call Fee?
Is there an extra charge for weekends, holidays, or travel?

Repairs vary and without diagnosing the problem, we cannot tell you how much the repair will cost.

For the Service Call Fee, we will go to your residence at your convenience, diagnose the problem and give you a written estimate of how much the repair will cost. We will provide you with an itemized breakdown for any parts (if any) that must be replaced.

If you are not sure that you want to use our company for the repair or you want to shop around, you are only responsible for the Service Call Fee. In case you decide to do the repair at a later time (up to 45 days from the day of the estimate), we will deduct the Service Call Fee that you paid from the total amount of the repair.

If our office is open and our technicians are working, there is NO EXTRA charge for weekends or holidays. There is never a travel charge.

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Can I get a price quote over the phone? How about a ballpark figure?

Our past experience has showed that estimates over the phone are very erroneous and some companies use them to misquote customers with low estimates just to send their technicians to the customer's house. We prefer to be upfront about it. After we have physically inspected the unit, for the flat service call fee, we will tell you exactly how much the repair would cost and give you a written estimate.

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What do you charge for labor?

We do not have a set hourly labor charge. Our labor is based on what kind of repair needs to be done. Sometimes replacement of the same part on different brands of appliances can vary enormously. Because of the wide variety of brands, parts, and appliances, we cannot give you a labor charge until we diagnose the unit and know for sure what has to be done.

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Does the technician have all the parts? If not, how long will it take to get them?

Our technicians carry with them a large collection of parts. In most cases, we are able to perform the repair in one visit. There are cases when the part is rare because it is brand specific or the unit is a little older and we have to place an order for those parts. In that case, availability varies but when we do receive the part (and we will do everything possible to expedite this process) we will come back and install it. There is no additional charge for the subsequent visit. The amount of the repair remains the same unless the part is more expensive. In the very rare case that this happens, we will let you know ahead of time and give you the opportunity to cancel the order.

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You worked on my appliance but it is still not working. What do I do now?

You have a 90 day parts and labor warranty. If any failure on your appliance occurs due to our repairs, we will gladly come out to your home to investigate the problem and make any repairs needed at no charge.

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Do I have to be home for my repair? Can my son/daughter be home instead?

You do not have to be home as long as there is someone who can make decisions about the repair and they are at least 18 years of age.

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Do you sell appliances? Do you install appliances?

We do not sell or install appliances. We provide service for appliances needing repair or maintenance.

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Do you pick up appliances?

We do not pick up used appliances. You need to call your local trash service for pickup.

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